Generations Portrait with newborn baby girl

Generations Newborn to 9 Months Portrait

Yes, I am a little bit behind with my blogging but catching up quick… and totally worth the wait. You can now see the beautiful families generations portrait when little Maria Fernanda was a newborn and then now at 9 Months.

It is so much fun to photograph this family are are also very dear friends… and of course we can’t leave out the fur babies, the family dogs, Luna and Rocco!

Generation Newborn Portrait with Grandma, aunty and fur siblings

Not only did we capture some beautiful family images with Mum, Dad and baby Maria… but also with Rod’s Mum (Grandma) and his sister (Aunty). There is a beautiful photo too with all the girls.

Girls Generations portrait
Newborn Portrait Mum and dad with girl

Don’t forget the most important family members… the fur babies (first children) Luna the Bulldog and Rocco the Shar Pei. Thing were a little crazy while they were here but so worth.

Newborn Portrait with pets

We of course had to then focus on delightful little Maria Fernanda…

Newborn portrait 10day old girl

Fast forward 9 months and little Maria Fernanda has grown! She is sitting, smiling and is the light of her families life. This time we opted for an outdoor portrait with the whole family again in a great little spot at the back of North Lakes.

9 Month Old girl family portrait
Walking family portrait with mum, dad, 9 month old and 2 dogs

As you can see, the most important family members, the dogs, Luna and Rocco were here front and center ready to take the spotlight with their human sister Maria

9 Month old girl holding a red rose

Last but not least, we can’t forget Grandma and Aunty who just can’t get enough of their little Granddaughter/Niece. It is so magnificent to see this family all together… so much love.

Outdoor portrait of 9 Month old girl with grandma