three generations and labrador deception bay dog beach portrait

Generations Family Portrait

Generations Family Portrait at Deception Bay Dog Beach

Neil and Diane organised a portrait session with their son and his family down at Deception Bay Dog Beach. This is a great spot for morning sessions by the water as there is a spot we can use by the trees and the mangroves and then we can hop onto the beach.

The youngest grandchild was not really interested in having his photo taken to start with… unless it was with Mum and Dad. I used a few tricks to help him relax and we carried on with the session. We really wanted to get one of the two boys with the grandparents and stuck gold when we got onto the beach.

He found a bit of a jelly fish and just had to show everyone… it was at this point we rounded everyone up on the beach to get the shots we had not been able to get before and finally have some fun! We got the boys running and playing, the dog running with them and everyone was happy! Patience definitely wins out in the end and all kids usually have something that will help them to relax and open up, even if it’s a jellyfish from the beach.

three generations and labrador deception bay dog beach portrait

Everyone’s favourite photo: The whole family on the beach with the kids and dog running around.

BAC Favourite  photo: The two boys picking up shells on the beach… I have a similar photo myself of my own boys playing on the beach 😊

boys being boys picking up shells at Dog Beach

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