Bulldog Pet Portrait

Fur Babies – North Lakes Portrait Photographer

Pet Portrait Fur Babies

A Bulldog and her best friend!

Families come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes children have 4 legs not 2!

Meet Rocco and Luna! OMG They are so adorable. Just look at them posing there on the bench. Bows and Bow Ties on. Just loved them.

Of course we used a bit of good and pats and fun to get some of these shots, but so worth it! Once we did some photos in the studio, we headed down the park at the end of the street for some outdoor fun. Poor Luna was exhausted. She lay down at any opportunity! Rocco on the other hand was raring to go. Sadly everytime he runs though, Luna chases after him and chews his back hind legs. It’s hilarious to watch but not much fun for Rocco!

Anyone who knows me, will know that I love animals, so you can’t really call this work… when you spend the afternoon playing with such gorgeous animals like this!

Bulldog Pet PortraitPet Portrait North LakesPet Portrait North LakesBulldog Pet PortraitBulldog Pet PortraitPet Portrait North LakesBulldog Pet Portrait