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Camera Tip 1 – Any camera will do

It doesn’t matter what camera you have. Any camera will do! It is better to use whatever camera you have than to never take a picture at all…

Only last year did I purchase my dream camera, the new Canon Mirrorless R6 but that hasn’t stopped me from taking beautiful photos. There is much more to taking an amazing photo than just the camera, as a photography instructor once said to me, “buy the best camera you can afford”. This is great advice. Cameras are not cheap and if you are not enlarging a photo to billboard size,  then you don’t need a medium format, digital backed camera worth $18000 (and that doesn’t even include a lens!) You just need a camera that is going to suit your needs. So long as you can print out some photos to put on the wall, into an album or email to family and friends. Photos are lasting memories that should be taken whenever you can.

I love cameras and love having one in my hand. As a teenager I was always the one taking photos at parties and at family outings etc.. My first camera was on old Pentax film camera that you had to wind on for every shot. I LOVED IT! I took this old faithful camera around Europe with me and even sold a few photos for postcards from this camera.

I have progressed on over the years to modern film cameras and then to SLR cameras and digital SLR cameras and now the new mirrorless camera but I do own a small happy snap and I’m getting more adventurous on my phone too!

Have a look at my boys over the years and the different camera I have used to photograph them…

Taken with my Canon Ixus 60 – Small compact (happy snap) digital camera

Taken on my Canon 400D – Entry level digital SLR (my first digital SLR camera)

Taken on my phone – Samsung Galaxy S2

Phone photography has never been my strong suit! I very rarely use it for photos as I would much prefer my big camera… there is so much more I can control, the lighting, the zoom, the focus point but I am learning to be better, after all when on a trip to Movie World with the family, I want to enjoy myself too… not carry a big camera round all day

Taken on my Canon 5d mkII – Professional Digital SLR

This was my first ever professional photography camera and I loved it! I photographed many weddings and family portraits on the 5dmk II and the 5d mkIII These did the hard yards for years in the business.

Taken on my Canon M50 – Entry level Mirrorless Digital Camera

I love this camera! This is now our fun little happy snap. It is not quite a responsive for moving portraits, better than a phone but not as good as my professional cameras.

I love taking this on holidays as it is small and compact and easy for the rest of the family to use too and it’s best feature is Videos! This one of the best Vlogging cameras on the market and if you’ve ever seen us shooting behind the scenes or client films.. this is the camera we’ll be using.

Taken on my Canon R6 – Professional Mirrorless Digital Camera

This is the newest camera in my kit bag and it is an awesome camera for family portraits! I use it in the studio or outdoors. It is fast and great for moving subjects like kids and dogs with active tracking.

I love all of these images. They are photos of my boys, me, my family! I love looking at them. They remind me of a different times and phases of our lives and all the fun we have had together.

I know it looks like I have or have had a lot of cameras but is it also my thing! I love to geek out a bit over cameras and of course try new ones when the come out. The one thing that shooting all these years have taught me though is that although it’s nice to get professional photos of the family done every year or two, yes I love to keep our own portraits updated, there are some great alternatives to a professional grade photography camera to capture those fun moments on the fly!

So grab your camera – any camera, and take some photos of the family this weekend!!!

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