confetti family portrait in studio

Family Portrait with Twins in the studio

twin sibiling portrait in studiosibilings playing portrait in studio Parents and Children portrait in studio

Sandie enquired about a family portrait with me and over the phone let me know their predicament. Although Sandie was Australian, she and her husband and twins, Harland and Isabelle lived in London!

mother and daughter portrait in studio fun family portrait in studio childrens portrait in studio

They had come out for an extended Christmas vacation and had gotten stuck here with covid and didn’t want to fly back with the twins and risk getting infected… so here they still are, almost at the end of the year now, living with her parents, waiting for things to open up again so they can travel home. Hubby has been super lucky that his company is allowing him to work remotely although the hours are not always favourable to keep in touch with the office but they are making it work… to be honest although I know they want to get home, they are lucky to be stuck in Australia of all places.

confetti family portrait in studio father and son portrait in studio Parents and Children portrait in studio

The twins made me work hard for smiles during the session but we had some fun playing peek-a-boo in the black box and then had the confetti out at the end to really get some smiles.

Childs portrait in studio family portrait kids in chest Sibilings in chest portrait in studio

Families favourite photo: the twins holding hands

BAC Favourite photo: The family confetti image

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