family portrait with dog on jetty

Family portrait session at Shorncliffe beach with their gorgeous Labrador Mocha!

Lisa and I tried for months to organise a session date, but of course with us having bookings and family life for them, we found it super hard to find a suitable date.  Between the kid’s extra-curricular activities, family life and holidays it was proving to be challenging!

We eventually settled on a date and the family wanted something at the beach, so we chose Shorncliffe for their location.  We had it booked in for a Saturday afternoon and fate would have it, it was raining.

We ummed and ahed waited until the last minute to make a decision.  We had waited so long for this session, and this had been the first date that worked for all of us.  I knew that leading up to Christmas and the busy time of year for everyone we would find it hard to find another time.

Sadly, we had to let the Saturday afternoon go and I said let’s reschedule for Sunday afternoon the following day.  There was rain forecast again but hopefully we can get the session done!

I woke up on Sunday morning and the sun was shining.  It was a beautiful morning so I jumped on the phone to Lisa and said can you do the session now!

fun family portrait on beach with dog

She panicked a little and agreed that it would be great, lets try and get the session done while the sun was shining and before the afternoon rain started to fall.  We all jumped in the car and met at Shorncliffe.

While the light is a little different at Shorncliffe in the morning, we still got some beautiful photos.  Especially now the kids are growing up and changing and lives are so busy, it was great to be able to capture these family moments together.

We had a super fun session and of course included their chocolate Labrador Mocha and who was an absolute dream! But I am biased I do love Labradors!

The family ordered a gorgeous acrylic print and collage including the whole family, with the star image being one on them all on the beach.

It was a great session, and I am so glad that we took the opportunity to go down on the Sunday morning, it was the right call to make as it rained all afternoon.

Obviously real life happens, rain happens, so its always important to be flexible where we can to capture the most amazing memories and portraits.

Love the photos and loved meeting you guys and hope to see you again as the kids grow!