new farm family portrait session against brick wall powerhouse

Family Portrait of 4 at New Farm Park

May got in touch hoping to update their family portraits.  They have 2 young kids and a lot of family overseas.  May wanted something for the wall at home.  Digital files were also important to be able to share with family and friends overseas, especially during these difficult times.

We met them down at New Farm Park.  It was May’s suggestion to have the portrait session there.  I do love this location, and being a North Lakes based studio, it isn’t often requested but it is certainly a place I love going to.  It is beautiful there in the afternoon.  New Farm Park offers so many different locations and natural to industrial backdrops that you can choose from.

mum and two kids portrait outdoor portrait session new farm

We took some photos of them all by the Powerhouse with the brick wall, downstairs by the little L cove near the carpark and finished the session up on the grass with the city in the background, just having fun with the kids.

natural father and son portrait outdoors industrial new farm park

It’s important with kids this age to make sure it’s not all a look and smile session.  We like to have some fun and play some games with the kids including, swinging them around, picking them up, blowing bubbles and dancing.  All the things that kids love to do.  This is so important, rather then just a sit and a look and a smile.  If we can get those then that’s great, but I love creating that interaction with all the family members and its lovely to see the smiles on the kids faces.

dad and two kids portrait new farm powerhouse rustic outdoor portrait

We had Jamie along and he made a behind the scenes video which you can see below.  It shows how much fun we had down there in the beautiful afternoon sun and the cuddles and kisses with the kids.  It was wonderful to see.

We also did a beautiful acrylic wall piece for the family in a collage showing them all off together, which is taking pride of place in their home.  I love it when people can come in and order their artwork and the family gets to see it every day.  I think this is really special.

family portrait wall art acrylic