Candid newborn family potrait

Dickinson Family Newborn Portrait

What a beautiful newborn portrait session with the Dickinson Family including Mum, Dad, 5 year old Harvey and 2 week old Zachery.

It was so sweet to see Harvey so caring and gentle with his newborn brother.

Newborn portrait with parents

Newborn portrait on fluffy brown rug

Brotherly love with the two boys together and a kiss from Harvey to his newborn brother.

Newborn with his big brother

Close up image of newborn hand

Dad and Zachery nose to nose as they recreate the same pose they did when Harvey was a newborn.

portrait of father nose to nose with newbornMOther with newborn studio portrait

I love this image of Zachery in Mum’s arms, cuddling in together.

Studio portrait father and son

BAC Favourite Image: Dad and Bub nose to nose

To top off the session, we did a beautiful family film for the family to keep these memories forever.