6-9 month old babies studio portrait

6 to 9 Month Old Babies

Little Babies 6 to 9 Months Old

We have been busy photographing babies first year ranging from newborn, then 3-6 month olds and now the 6-9 month old babies.

Obviously there is so much that changes from this newborn time right through to now.

Babies that are in this age range are now starting to sit up on their own or maybe still with some help. Others are starting to crawl around (sadly with the occasional face plant). They are possibly rolling over and perhaps getting up onto their knees and there are those that are standing up whilst holding onto things and for want of a better phrase, ‘surfing the furniture!’

We had so much fun at this stage and found that most do not like to lye down on their back. They will but not for long. They roll over and want to sit up or even move! Once they have learned to do those things, it’s almost like they never want to lye on their back again.

If you have had newborn portraits done (or even if you haven’t) and want to update the photos of your little one, the stage where they have just learned to sit on their own, but not crawl is the best time! This doesn’t mean that we won’t photograph babies once they are crawling, walking or running! It is just a bit easier for me and for mum. Once they are on the move both parents and I spend the session chasing after them! We still get great images but are a little tired at the end:)

So if you have a little one or ones in this age range, I highly recommend getting some beautiful images and video to show those big smiles and little moments.