About Me – Belinda from BAC Photography

I am a traveller at heart. I love my family and cherish our time together. I love music, art and food, movies and fun. I love swimming and by contrast, love snow! Who doesn’t love to make a snowman? Yes, I am just a big kid!

When I was 18 I went travelling round Europe, but when I returned home, I left my heart behind. I love Europe! I love the languages, the culture, the food (wow the food!). I love the lakes and mountains, the history, the art and the architecture.

I am from Sydney originally and my husband from Edinburgh – Scotland and we have lived in some beautiful parts of the world in our many years of marriage (+15 now… wow how time flies!): The Lake District – England, Brisbane – Australia, The Alsace – France and the 3 Frontiers (this is where I officially started BAC Photography) and now we are back in Brisbane while our boys settle into school.

I love to capture special moments and document life, whether that be children playing, a dramatic landscape, crazy animals or spring flowers. To me photographs are precious memories that last a lifetime.

My photography journey

My father was always a keen photographer and bought me my first Camera, a Pentax ME Super. It is an old manual wind on camera which I still have (but don’t use). I took that camera around Europe when I was 18. When I married my husband a year later, I came home with 36 roll’s of undeveloped film which he inevitably paid for in developing over the coming years as we didn’t have a lot of money.

He upgraded my camera in 2001 to a Canon 500N. Still a film camera, but I was rationed with the number of roles I was allowed… well tried to ration. It wasn’t until our twin boys were born in 2006 that we finally bought my first digital camera. The Canon 400D. It is a great little camera and I still use it in my kit as a back up to the Canon 7D. For the techno camera nerds, I have now moved to Canon 5D full frame cameras and have a large selection of lenses in my bag (some of which my husband doesn’t even know about..)

I studied part time at the Brisbane College of Photography and Art and have attended various independent studio lighting courses etc… because I believe you can never stop learning or experimenting… especially with photography and I love watching Creative Live!


My beautiful Mum

Why Photography

So to get down to the nitty gritty of me… When I was 6 years old my Mum died of cancer and I was raised by my father until he remarried when I was 15 (when I got an instant family of mum   and FOUR STEP-BROTHERS!)  Because I was so young when my mum passed away, I don’t have many memories. What I do have is photos and these photos are everything to me! So when I started my own family, I realised just how important it is to have family photos and movies. We need something to keep, memories to look back on and share with family and friends. This is important to me. This is why I love photography. This is why I do what I do.

The digital age is great, but don’t forget to print! Frames on the wall, photo albums, mouse mats, whatever you like, just print! My boys love nothing more than looking though old photo albums of our family. Holidays we’ve had, lazy days at home, They love seeing photos of themselves they love seeing photos of us together.



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